Why a trip to Kyrgyzstan?

A country where almost half of its territory exceeds 3000 meters, largely covered by perennial snow and ice with an average height that exceeds 2700 meters above sea level. This is Kyrgyzstan! An unmissable country if you love the mountains. This country has also been called “Switzerland of Central Asia” because of its mountainous landscape that can recall the Alpine one. Kyrgyzstan is not only a country of mountains but also a country of beautiful lakes, including Issyk-Kul, once a Soviet holiday resort, which has among its features that of never freezing.

Traveling in Kyrgyzstan you will come into contact with the nomadic population of Central Asia, with its customs and daily life, including the diet in which dairy products play an essential part in the lives of breeders. In recent years, the Kyrgyz government has taken important steps to develop an environmentally sustainable tourism sector. Here you can go hiking or horseback riding, immersed in a breathtaking natural landscape where the flora and fauna, such as lynxes and snow leopards, thrive thanks to the restrictions imposed by law to hunting.

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Surface area: 199 945 km²

Population: over 5 million inhabitants

Capital city: Bishkek

Language: Kyrgyz and Russian officials, Uzbek

Currency: Som (KGS)

As you can imagine, there are not many Kyrgyz cities, the capital is obviously the most modern although there are still many gray Soviet buildings, which now become a tourist attraction in all respects. Balykchy and Karakol are located on the banks of the Issyk-Kul, while Naryn serves as an outpost before the Tian Shan Mountains. The most populous region is the Ferghana Valley, whose main center is Osh, a kaleidoscope of borders that intersect creating occasionally violent tensions between local ethnic groups, namely Kyrgyz, Uzbeks and Tajiks.

Before venturing into this region, it is reccomended to inquire directly from those who live there day after day, as the borders may be closed without notice. As in much of Central Asia, a solo trip to Kyrgyzstan is recommended for the more experienced, since the difficulty in moving could ruin the trip or lead to overbudget and not just. Remember that Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous territory and that the eagles you see in the sky are much more advantageous in moving from one place to another. So this is a journey that needs be planned carefully.


Applying to the right local agency in Kirghizistan

As seen so far, Kyrgyzstan is a country to visit absolutely, to be able to do it in complete relaxation maybe taking a bath in the Issyk-Kul you just have to rely on the best local operators. Write to me now and I will put you in touch with serious and reliable professionals with whom you can make the best trip possible to discover Kyrgyzstan, perhaps in winter when the country is filled with magic. The temperatures in Kyrgyzstan do not drop far below zero, but the landscapes are incredible. Write me now and we will organize your trip to Kyrgyzstan!

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