Why a trip to Laos?

Laos is one of the countries of Southeast Asia less explored by international tourism, a country full of charm and mystery. In Laos everything is shrouded in mist, from the tops of the mountains in the morning to the very origin of the country. A country literally to discover, with some of the most beautiful views of all Asia and a destination like Luang Prabang, UNESCO heritage that alone is worth the trip. Getting to and moving around Laos can sometimes be complicated, also because of the conformation of the territory. In Laos you can still enjoy the taste of adventure and the pleasure of discovery.

Laos is divided into three different parts: the mountainous north is certainly the most scenic and most visited. In the north of Laos you will find rivers, mountains and beautiful valleys that you will not forget. The center instead is the least frequented area, here in addition to pristine forests you will find huge caves, fixed stop for those traveling in Laos by motorbike. The south is characterized by the Bolaven Plateau with its coffee plantations, Champasak former capital of the homonymous kingdom and the 4000 islands, real Laotian beaches in the middle of the Mekong.

Laos country card


Surface area: 236 800 km²

Population: more than 7 million inhabitants

Capital city: Vientiane

Language: Laotian

Currency: Kip (LAK)

As said previously, Luang Prabang is certainly one of the country’s major attractions, but we also find the enigmatic Plain of jars, Vang Vieng with its breathtaking views and the calm modernity of Vientiane, the capital of the country. Laos, moreover, is a real paradise for those interested in the knowledge of ethnic minorities, which in this country are many, almost two hundred. Each ethnic group is divided in turn into different subgroups for clothing and lifestyle, a trip to Laos can not be complete without venturing into the villages of these colorful minorities.

One often wonders whether a country as little known as Laos is safe, the answer is absolutely yes. The Lao people are one of the kindest and most reserved populations of all South-East Asia, the problem in case could be the transports, especially in the most remote areas during the rainy season. Moreover, travelling in Laos also means a certain amount of adaptation since services are not always first level. For this reason it is very important to rely on people who know Laos well and who can help you build the best trip possible.

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Thanks to my many trips to this country, I can recommend the best professionals in the country, local tour operators of the highest level that can provide you with adequate services. Laos was one of the last countries in Southeast Asia to open up to tourism, so the level of services in this area may not be satisfactory. The operators I will put you in contact with are aware of the importance of a well-organized trip, so you can enjoy the beauty of Laos in total relaxation. Don’t hesitate, write me now and let’s discover Laos!

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