Why a trip to Tajikistan?

A territory for 90% mountainous and peaks that exceed 7000 meters, including the highest of the entire Central Asia. Easy to guess that Tajikistan is a country for mountain lovers, for those who love the blue skies crossed by eagles and arid territories. Tajikistan is not an easy country but it is a country that offers a lot to those who appreciate it. From here passed the ancient Silk Road, from here passed Alexander the Great, Tajikistan in the course of its past was a real crossroads of peoples and cultures, hard to believe today while admiring the chains of Tian Shan and Pamir.

Pamir, the country’s autonomous eastern region, is one of the great Tajik attractions. Breathtaking views and difficulties around the corner, bordering China and Afghanistan the Pamir region is the most extreme destination of the country, which in its western part sees a lower altitude and a more populated border with Uzbekistan. Tajikistan is the highest country in Central Asia and is an anomaly in the region as the ethnicity and language are of Iranian descent. According to some studies, Tajiks are the oldest inhabitants of Central Asia.

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Surface area: 143 100 km²

Population: almost 10 million inhabitants

Capital city: Dushanbe

Language: Tajik official, Russian

Currency: Somoni (TGS)

The main cities of the country are located not far from the border with Uzbekistan, starting from the capital Dushanbe and Khujand, in the center of what is the Tajik part of the Ferghana valley. Proceeding towards the Pamir, important center is Khorog where you can organize your expedition along the legendary M-41, the road leading from the Afghan Mazari Sharif to Osh, on the border between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. You could also get to Ishkashim, where you can enter Afghanistan through a bridge over the Panj River to visit the local market held once a week.

Traveling in Tajikistan is not easy, especially if you decide to head to that desolate but beautiful land that is the Wakhan. Travelling alone you will spend a lot to rent vehicles and equipment, public transport in Tajikistan is not reliable and driving your own vehicle could be even more complicated in case of breakdowns or accidents. Relying on competent people reduces the risk in such an extreme country, which makes its difficulty even one of the attractions for travelers. Travelling without worries, you can enjoy all the immense beauty of the Tajik landscapes.


Applying to the right local agency in Tajikistan

In Tajikistan you can do lots of activities: hiking, climbing, yak riding and rafting just to name a few. However, do not forget that in the country English is not very widespread and that the political and climatic conditions of the country may force you to change the route of your trip without notice. This is why it is important to rely on serious and reliable local professionals who know the Tajik reality to perfection. Exactly the type of operators they can connect you with, so you can travel to Tajikistan in peace. Text me now!

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