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My name is Pietro Acquistapace, I am a tourist guide, an historian and I have a great passion for Asia. I have travelled extensively in this continent and I write about it on my websites and for online magazines. I’ve always worked closely with the clients and I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed with promises.

For this reason I don’t like slogans, making is much better than appearing: I have a blog but I am not a travel blogger.

My interest is not to convince you to leave at all costs, but to help you to be able to leave in peace, helping you even on those little things that might escape you. The enthusiasm of the trip can make you forget the most mundane things or take risks too easy. If you want to leave with me (thanks for the trust) no problem, I can accompany you thanks to my license as a tour guide.

Nowadays planning a trip may seem easy, but it is not. We are swamped with information, coming from all over and not letting us understand where the truth lies, a nice mess. The risk is to make mistakes that then ruin the holiday, better invest some time before. But time is short, that’s why I decided to become a travel explorer and start helping travellers.

Why travel explorer?

What I can do is to find solutions, thanks to the years spent in the customer services of large companies, especially in the management of complaints. Do you want information about a certain destination? I’ll find it for you. Do you need a contact in a remote place? I’ll send it to you. One thing I’ve always loved is connecting people, especially if we’re talking about travel.

Who do i talk to?

If you are a private individual I will do everything possible to create together the journey you desire. I will give you advice on what to pack, tips on what not to miss once you arrive at your destination and I will be at your disposal for any service you need. Let’s say I offer something more than a new quote for the collection.

If you are a company instead I will be your destination manager, maybe for destinations that you do not have yet in the catalogue but that you would like to reach. Thanks to the years I spent traveling I built a dense network of relationships, such as to be able to satisfy every need. Personally, I care about ecotourism and the encounter with local cultures. My tour guide licence, furthermore, allows me to offer you a complete range of services.

In what way?

By sharing my knowledge and my culture, I didn’t tell you, but I’m also a bibliophile. What makes me happy is to learn and then pass on to others what I have learned. If I don’t know something that becomes a challenge, give me some (little) time and I’ll become an expert on what we didn’t know. Your trip or your project will become mine and I will take care of solving every problem.

What do I believe in?

I am extremely helpful and flexible. I believe that there is always a chance to learn and find a solution. My studies in History taught me the importance of planning and understanding causes and effects. Nothing is impossible, the world is not so big, any place can be reached and I will help you to do it. So don’t wait any longer, think about the next departures!

Who I work with

As I said, during my travels I have established a dense network of contacts, here are some of the realities that I rely on for the needs of those who turn to me. These are just some of the companies I work with, the list is much longer and increases with every trip I make. As said, I love creating connections! If you are a commercial company and are interested in collaborating with me, contact me.




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