Do you prefer to travel stress-free?

No problem, I’ll find the tour that suits you best. I will be happy to put at your disposal the network of my contacts in Asia. We will decide together which type of trip is the most suitable for your needs, the destination, the type of accommodation and of course the activities to do during your stay.

We can also combining multiple itineraries, customizing a package or building a travel program taking a cue from different tours. If you want to travel in company, then there are group tours.

During my travels I met many local tour operators, learning to recognize the serious ones from the improvised ones. Nowadays on the net it is unfortunately easy to come across people, maybe compatriots, who pretend to be guides, agencies, tour operators when in reality they are just trying, as they say, to make a living. Much better to rely on solid and competent realities, avoiding to ruin a holiday and maybe put yourself in danger just to save a few bucks.

I am a professional tour leader, with regular license, if you want to leave with me you can do it! Let’s talk about this, and if you need any help on the ground to make sure everything goes well once we leave, I’m there. Every year, I try to organize at least one trip with the community of my sites and the social networks that I manage, so that I can get to know them in person. A trip is also a convivial moment and can be a good time to make friends.

Which countries do I deal with?

All of Southeast Asia, with a focus on Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. China, a country certainly not easy to travel in without experience, the beautiful Mongolia, Central Asia and Iran. However, the list is constantly updated as I don’t like to sit around too much. For me, travel means a constant discovery, also of business partners. Among my main skills is to know how to weave relationships, do you want a tour operator in a lost destination? Don’t worry that we find it…

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