A new market?

Do you want to reach the Italian market? Are you attracted by countries you have never dealt with? No longer do you understand what potential customers who come to you want? No problem, I can help you out. Both on the side of local suppliers, going to identify the ones that are most compatible with your business needs, both as regards customers that at the time of social media seem to be splinters gone mad.

Let’s network!

In the course of my life I have woven a dense net of relationships with local operators and I have worked for great companies in the field of the tourism. I have always had a clear predisposition for solving customer problems. I can help you get where you might find it difficult for lack of time and specific knowledge. In some areas of the world it may be difficult to proceed without an intermediary.

I can also help you with the content, I have a degree in History and I run several websites and blogs dedicated to Asian travel and culture. I have collaborated for years with important magazines of the sector and others of a more geopolitical nature, I keep constantly informed both for writing and for personal interest. Not to mention the social media manager experience on my channels.

What can i offer

A wide range of services ranging from writing content for your brand, to managing customers through unconventional channels on the web. Identify which products in your catalogue can be enhanced and which ones could be added. I can as well represent you both in tourism fairs and in any other event. I can present your products to possible targeted customers helping you to expand your portfolio. I can also put you in touch with service providers and maybe accompany your customers myself. In short, I think I can do a lot.


That’s what I love. My travels, your catalogue, new destinations. I can build narratives because there is nothing that can’t be told. Beauty is everywhere, you just need to know how to make it stand out and turn it into an experience. Your travels will be the fulcrum of the narration that I can propose on your behalf to future customers. Life is a dream and must be told!


My experience is twofold and complementary. If my concrete and analytical side will take care of the problems and untangle the yarn, my creative side will be happy to give free rein to the imagination. My multifaceted experience will give an extra touch to your business, deciding together goals to reach and target audience so that you can reach a new market.

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