Why a trip to Cambodia?

Light, colors, smiles and children everywhere, this is Cambodia. A young country, also as a result of that huge tragedy that was the Khmer Rouge regime (which now you can find retired in various villages on the border with Thailand). And then Angkor, one of the wonders of our planet, it would be enough to run to visit Cambodia. A great past and a future that comes in great strides, traveling in Cambodia you will discover the many souls of a wonderful country, with beautiful views of water and green rice fields.

Despite being a basically flat country, with at its center the huge expanse of the Tonlé Sap (that during the rainy months floods the surrounding territory), Cambodia also offers jungles and heights, albeit modest, especially at its borders. The east is the region of ethnic minorities, some of which still live in villages according to a traditional lifestyle. To the south you will find the sea with its beautiful islands in the Gulf of Thailand. The west is the gateway to the country, while in the north you will find the amazing Preah Vihear.

Cambogia country card


Surface area: 181 035 km²

Population: almost 17 million inhabitants

Capital city: Phnom Penh

Language: Khmer

Currency: Riel (KHR)

In Cambodia you don’t have to face jungles off-road to visit hidden temples, or run at a breakneck speed on rickety tuk tuks, you can take a trip that focuses on the cities. The capital, Phnom Penh, holds strong emotions. It’s one of the most chaotic cities in all of Southeast Asia, on the contrary Battambang inspires peace and serenity, with its temples and the spectacle of thousands of bats that invade the skies at sunset. Sihaoukville is the port of the country, from which to reach the islands, while Siem Reap is a village grown in the shadow of the unmissable complex of Angkor.

But is a trip to Cambodia safe? Generally yes, the problem is travel. The country is rapidly developing, some areas are an open construction site and this is reflected on the roads, which however have never been too safe. It is very important, therefore, to entrust yourself to responsible and competent people, who know how to move in a country that is changing so quickly. Traveling Cambodia safely will allow you to admire breathtaking views, immerse yourself in the ancient splendor of the Khmer civilization and marvel at all that Cambodia reserves.

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The best way to get in touch with the culture and daily life of Cambodia, is definitely to turn to local realities that know the country perfectly. Write me and I will immediately put you in touch with the best professionals who will know, thanks to their experience, build a perfect building site according to your needs. Whether you want to delve deeper into the gastronomic side of Cambodia, or reach the ethnic minority villages, they will help you. This way you can better understand a country in great change like Cambodia!

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