Why a trip to Iran?

Iran, a splendid country where you can admire the marvelous capitals of ancient Persia. Moreover, it is a country with an extremely hospitable population, and their warmth will touch your heart. Iran hasn’t always had a happy history, so visiting it is also extending a hand to a people who are eager for contact with the outside world. But above all, Iran is a beautiful country with a great wealth of culture, and it can be visited throughout the year, even in winter! To the north of the capital, Tehran, you will find top-notch skiing facilities. Traveling in Iran will reveal a country that you wouldn’t expect.

The territory of Iran is among the 20 largest in the world, largely occupied by the Iranian plateau and numerous mountain ranges that divide the various regions of the country. When traveling in Iran, you will also notice how different its northern and southern parts are. In the north, dense forests receive abundant rainfall, while in the central and southern parts of the country, you will find steppes, semi-arid regions, and even deserts. A trip to Iran will, therefore, offer you very diverse landscapes, but you will need to plan carefully which areas to visit due to the country’s size and the different climatic zones you will encounter.

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Surface area:  1 648 195 km²

Population: almost 85 million inhabitants

Capital city: Teheran

Language: Persian

Currency: Iranian Ryal (IRR)

Among the must-see places in Iran, there is undoubtedly Esfahan, which is home to one of the most famous squares in the world, Naqsh-e Jahan Square. But in Iran, you should also not miss Tabriz, the heart of the country’s Azerbaijani minority, Mashad, the holiest city in the country due to the mausoleum of Imam Reza, or Shiraz, a beautiful ancient capital once renowned for its poetry and wine. There are truly many Iranian destinations where you can relive the glory of the Persian Empire, not forgetting to visit Tehran, the vibrant heart of the Islamic Republic of Iran, where modernity and tradition coexist.

The greatest fear when considering a trip to Iran is safety, especially for women travelers. Unfortunately, there is a lot of biased misinformation about Iran that portrays the country as much more dangerous than it actually is. The hospitality of the local population is truly touching, and you will likely be invited to experience the amazing Iranian cuisine, which is a direct heir to Persian cuisine. As for the rest, use common sense and stay away from political demonstrations or events that could turn into protests, as Iran is also known for such occurrences. Nonetheless, it remains a truly splendid country.

Apply to the right local agency in Iran

Many of the difficulties associated with traveling to Iran are due to the international context. Iran is a boycotted country, which hinders simple things like booking a hotel online. That’s why it’s very important to gather information before your departure or have contacts on-site with experienced professionals who can help resolve any issues. Local tour operators can not only assist you in booking hotels for your stay but also provide you with the necessary visa and suitable insurance since not all insurance companies are willing to cover a trip to Iran.

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