Why a trip to Iraq?

Too often associated with wars and violence, Iraq is a country that is trying to recover. In Iraq, you will find the cradle of our civilization; the history of this country is ancient, just think of the word Mesopotamia, meaning the land between the two rivers: the Tigris and the Euphrates. Traveling in Iraq is to retrace the footsteps of ancient Babylonian, Assyrian, and Sumerian civilizations. After decades of suffering, the Iraqi population is trying to return to normalcy; however, the road is still long and challenging. If you decide to visit this beautiful country, carefully consider what you expect to find.

Iraq is a composite country both in terms of its population, with a Shiite Arab majority and strong Sunni Arab and Kurdish minorities, and in terms of its territory. In addition to Lower Mesopotamia, where you will find the legendary ruins of Babylon, as you go up the rivers, you will find Baghdad and its surrounding areas. Going further up, you’ll be in the region called Al-Jazira, the homeland of the Assyrian Chaldean minority. Completing Iraq’s territory is the Iraqi Kurdistan to the east, with its splendid landscapes, and to the west, the desert called Al-Widyan, vast and sparsely populated.

Iraq country card


Surface area: 438 317 km²

Population: over 40 million inhabitants

Capital city: Baghdad

Languages: Official Arabic and Kurdhish, then Turkish, Syriac, Armenian.

Currency: Iraqi Dinar (IQD)

Needless to say, traveling to Iraq is a unique experience, if only for the allure of the forbidden. Tourism has recently started to retrace the ancient Persian caravan routes that crossed Iraq. A journey through these ancient lands still holds a sense of adventure; you will be completely rewarded for your efforts when you admire the numerous archaeological sites, mosques, and sacred places of the various religious faiths that have coexisted here for centuries. But Iraq is not just about excavations and ruins; it’s also a country with significant cultural life and a rich culinary and artisanal culture.

The natural question that arises when considering a trip to Iraq concerns safety: Is Iraq a safe country? To answer yes without hesitation would not be accurate; elements of instability still abound, and it’s certainly not a suitable destination for everyone. If you decide to visit this magnificent country, immerse yourself in its grand past and gain a better understanding of its challenging present, know that you will need good adaptability. A journey of this kind is not a casual outing; the travel costs won’t guarantee luxury hotels with pools, but they will ensure you travel across the country in the utmost safety.

Apply to the right local agency in Iraq

Based on what has been discussed so far, the importance of relying on a local Afghan entity that knows how to navigate the country becomes clear, as the risks are real. I will be glad to connect you with my contacts on the ground, competent Afghan individuals with a strong desire to introduce their beautiful country to the outside world. Despite their youth, they are also highly experienced and will be able to tailor a journey to your needs, navigating through Afghan challenges. Starting your journey with a local agency is certainly the best way to safely immerse yourself in the daily life of the Afghan population.

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