Why a trip to Kazakhstan?

Country among the least visited of Central Asia, Kazakhstan actually has much more to offer than the steppes to which this Central Asian giant is usually associated. Kazakhstan is in fact the largest and richest country in the region of which it aspires to be the leader, in competition with Uzbekistan. In Kazakhstan you will feel like an explorer, struggling with tracks not much beaten by other foreigners. You will also discover the country’s many ethnic minorities, often deported here in Stalinist times. The largest of these minorities is the Russian minority in the north of the country.

The northern part of Kazakhstan, besides hosting the capital, is also the most industrialized, while the central steppes are practically uninhabited. If you are looking for history and culture you cannot miss the region of the former capital, Almaty, on the border with China and Kyrgyzstan., or that of the Kazakh desert, where the Silk Road passed. On opposite sides of the country two very different regions: in the far east the Altai mountains, land of hunters with eagles, while in the opposite direction the Caspian basin is home to a strange mix of beaches, local ethnicities and pipelines.

Kazakhstan country card


Area: 2 724 902 km²

Population: over 19 million inhabitants

Capital city: Astana

Language: Kazakh, Russian

Currency: Tenge (KZT)

If you love to visit cities, in northern Kazakhstan you will find the main ones, including Astana and Semey (former Semipalatinsk) famous nuclear test site. Other interesting cities besides the already mentioned Almaty are in the south: Shymkent for its being inhabited mostly by Uzbeks, as well as Turkestan as a historic boundary line between the nomadic Turkish and Persian civilization. Atyrau is literally the far west of Kazakhstan, while practically in the center of the country you will find the space aerodrome of Baikonur, become an attraction for lovers of what was the Soviet world.

Kazakhstan is immense, perhaps one of the reasons that have held back its rise as a tourist destination. The infinite distances create problems in the displacement, moreover also the climate can be cause of setbacks. Traveling to Kazakhstan in the wrong season can ruin your trip. The country is hot in summer and freezing in winter, although each region has its own microclimate that is not always easily guessed. If you don’t have such an adventurous spirit but want to get to know this diverse country, maybe you might consider taking part in a tour organized by a local agency.

Applying to the right local agency in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a huge country, a true Central Asian giant, with much to offer: nomadic breeders, eagle hunters, beautiful valleys and many more. For this reason it is very important to rely on the best local operators, such as those with whom I can put you in contact. These professionals, serious and reliable, will be able to create a perfect trip to meet your interests, providing the best services by evaluating the best routes, thus avoiding wasting money and energy in a country as large as Kazakhstan!

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