Why a trip to Malaysia?

A multi-ethnic country where the modernity of Kuala Lumpur coexists with traditional customs in remote areas. Thermal resorts and mountains, islands and forests. Whether you prefer sandy beaches or high-fashion shops, in Malaysia, you will find what you’re looking for. It’s a country suitable for all ages, where relaxation and adventure coexist. You can enjoy fantastic diving and savor the diverse cuisines that make up the Malaysian culinary landscape. The strong presence of an ethnically Chinese population, along with a smaller Indian population, has given rise to a unique culture, the discovery of which will be truly an experience.

Malaysia is divided into two non-contiguous parts: a peninsular part located in the Malay Peninsula to the west, and an eastern part situated in Borneo. The western part borders Thailand to the north and Singapore to the south, while across the Strait of Malacca lies Indonesia. The eastern part includes the country’s two largest provinces and occupies the northern part of Borneo, bordering Indonesia and effectively surrounding Brunei. In the interior of the Malay Peninsula, there are peaks that exceed 2,000 meters, while in the eastern part, a mountain range runs parallel to the coast.

Malaysia country card


Surface area: 330 083 km²

Population: more than 32 million inhabitants

Capital city: Kuala Lumpur

Language: Malay official, English, Tamil

Currency: Ringgit (MYR)

In Malaysia, it will be important to plan your trip based on the destinations you choose to visit. Don’t forget that the western and eastern parts of the country are separated by over 600km of sea. You can explore the capital, Kuala Lumpur, by visiting the famous Batu Caves, relive the country’s colonial history in Melaka (Malacca), or enjoy a well-deserved relaxation in the beautiful Penang or on Langkawi Island, which is ideal if you’re coming from Thailand. If you’re looking for adventure, Borneo awaits you. Here you’ll find Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak in the country, and some great diving spots.

Is Malaysia a safe destination? Generally speaking, yes, Malaysia is a safe country where you don’t have to take any particular precautions other than using common sense. However, be cautious of pickpockets in crowded areas. As a land of great cultural diversity, Malaysia is a place where modernity and technology coexist, as seen in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, but there are also areas with traces of Islamic extremism, such as the eastern coast of Sabah, which borders the Philippines. Finally, remember that from October to February, certain areas of Malaysia experience heavy rainfall, which can lead to floods or landslides in mountainous areas.

Apply to the right local agency in Malaysia

Based on what has been seen so far, organizing trips in Malaysia could involve some logistical challenges. Being in contact with local operators who can assist you with transportation or advise you on which areas may be more problematic than others could be a good idea to make the most of your experience in Malaysia. I must confess that even for me, after years of traveling in Southeast Asia, Malaysia was truly a discovery and love at first sight, which is why I have established connections with the best local tour operators to introduce this splendid destination to everyone.

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