Why a trip to Mongolia?

Taking a trip to Mongolia means taking a trip to one of the most beautiful places on the planet. An area about five times the size of Italy and inhabited by a population that is mostly concentrated in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. This can only mean an empty country, where the spaces are immense and the horizon seems infinite, punctuated from time to time by the gher, the typical tents of the Mongolian nomads. If you love nature at least once in your life you should take a trip to Mongolia, few places in the world still manage to excite so much; here you can hear the voice of the wind.

In addition, the natural environments of Mongolia are very different from each other, rugged and difficult territory to travel if you do not know it well. Mechanical failures are the order of the day and you could wait for days for someone to pass by. In the south of the country we find the Gobi desert, where you will find dunes, stony expanses and even bones of dinorauro, in the north instead the taiga where the ethnic Tsaan, reindeer breeders live. If the east of China is an endless grassy expanse that juts out towards Manchuria, the west is the region of the Kazakh minority and their eagles.

The capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar (but for everyone still Ulan Bator), disappears in front of the beauty of the rest of the country. Yet here you will find the most modern Mongolia, made of art galleries and trendy clubs, as well as the Gandanm monastery among the most important in the country. But from the capital you will most likely have to pass, whether you are arriving or departing. We might as well discover this often neglected city, yet the best way to get in touch with the reality of Mongolia today, made up of banks and neighborhoods where nomads camp on the run from a life too hard.

Mongolia country card


Superficie: 1.566.000 km²

Population: almost 4 million inhabitants

Capital city: Ulaanbaatar

Language: mongolian

Currency: Mongolian Tugrik (MNT)

Yes, because Mongolia in winter is terrible, the conditions are prohibitive and the nomads risk death every year for hardship along with their herds. Traveling in Mongolia out of season could prove to be a gamble, the best period remains between mid-May and mid-July, when the blue of the sky will make you understand why the Mongols chose the sky, Tengri, as their supreme God. A trip to Mongolia must therefore be planned carefully, in time and form. Relying on local realities means saving time and money, staying away from danger.

Applying to the right local agency in Mongolia

Personally I love Mongolia very much, which led me to know and collaborate with the best operators in the country. Traveling in Mongolia is not easy, you need an excellent organization and knowledge of the territory, exactly the qualities that have professionals with whom I can put you in contact. You can enjoy a wonderful country in total relaxation, discovering the culture of its nomadic population, even having the experience of sleeping with a Mongolian family or in a monastery. Don’t wait any longer, write me now and we will organize your trip to Mongolia!

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