Why a trip to Pakistan?

A still relatively undiscovered country, Pakistan has a lot to offer to those who decide to explore it. Breathtaking landscapes, some of the world’s highest peaks, as well as deserts and beaches, even though it’s not primarily a beach destination. In Pakistan, you will find the remnants of ancient civilizations like the Indus Valley Civilization, amazing opportunities for outdoor activities, and a cuisine where flavors will delight your palate. Above all, Pakistan offers a great deal of variety in terms of environments and cultures, from the unchanged traditions of the northern valleys, to the modernity of large cities like Islamabad and Karachi in the south.

Traveling in Pakistan is like traveling in two different countries. In the north, you will find mountain ranges that host some of the highest peaks in the world, such as K2, remote valleys, and forests. As you descend towards Punjab and Sindh, the terrain becomes flat, and the climate significantly hotter. The differences are such that the optimal period to visit the north and south of Pakistan is completely opposite: explore the northern valleys in the summer months and, vice versa, explore the south in the winter months. Pakistan also presents a large number of diverse microclimates, so much will depend on the specific destination you choose.

Pakistan country card


Surface area: 783 940 km²

Population: almost 225 million inhabitants

Capital city: Islamabad

Language: Official English and Urdu 

Currency: Pakistan Rupia (PKR)

If you love nature, spectacular landscapes, places where silence still reigns, or remote areas far from mass tourism, Pakistan is the country for you. Moreover, the Pakistani population is famous for its hospitality, so there’s nothing better than visiting the country during one of the festivals of various ethnicities. The festivals of the Kalash people, who live in the valleys of Chitral district in the north, are especially renowned. In the south of the country, you can admire impressive remains of monuments and ancient cities, not to mention the exquisite Pakistani cuisine, with its specialties varying across different regions of the country.

One of the aspects that may concern you when organizing a trip to Pakistan is security. In the past, the country has had security issues, but today, thanks to government efforts, tourist areas are relatively safe. There are still regions in the country that remain turbulent, but foreigners are not allowed access to these areas unless they make specific requests and obtain appropriate documentation. So, you can experience the thrill of adventure, for example, in Quetta, without the danger of being in genuinely hazardous areas. So, no need to worry, just exercise your usual common sense!

Apply to the right local agency in Pakistan

Based on what has been mentioned above, organizing an independent trip to Pakistan could be challenging. It is important to seek assistance from individuals who are familiar with Pakistan in terms of choosing a safe destination and the best time to visit. That’s why I have chosen to collaborate with the best and most trusted local operators, ensuring that there is always a solution to any problem that may arise. The logistical difficulties in Pakistan could potentially disrupt a trip, so there is nothing better than relying on local operators who can handle any situation that may arise!

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