Why a trip to Turkmenistan?

If there is a country that well represents all the madness of Central Asia, this country is definitely Turkmenistan. Since its independence, Turkmenistan has barricaded itself behind a curtain impenetrable to individual travelers. To enter the country you need to book a tour, without which you can not have a visa. There is the possibility to apply for a few days transit visa, but the refusal rate is very high and traveling without your vehicle you may be in great difficulty since the itinerary presented to the consulate must be respected to the letter.

Turkmenistan has a strategic geographical position, located between Iran and Uzbekistan is the concern of all travelers who want to venture into this corner of Asia. From a natural point of view the country is largely covered by the Karakum desert, one of the largest sandy deserts in the world, while in the southernmost part along the border with Iran rise the chains of Kopet-Dag and Kugitangtau. The Turkmen territory is dotted with oases where the population and productive activities are concentrated. But as mentioned, discovering this reality is not simple.

Turkmenistan country card


Surface area: 491,210 km²

Population: over 5 million inhabitants

Capital city: Ashgabat

Language: Turkmen

Currency: Manat (AZN)

In Turkmenistan you will find an incredible mix of past and present, the archaeological ruins of Merv opposed to the capital with its white marble hotels. Turkmenistan is the country of excesses, as shown by the imaginative statues of the former president and the crater of Derwaza whose deposits have been burning for decades. If you are looking for an unexplored area in a country little frequented by international tourism, then you will have to turn west towards the Caspian Sea, where you will find canyons, mausoleums and remote oases.

As we saw before, the first big problem of a trip to Turkmenistan… is getting into Turkmenistan! You can try to apply for a transit visa and, if you get it, you will have to plan very carefully your travels, you will not be able to go anywhere but basically choose whether to go through Merv or Derwaza. Then consider the period of your journey, in the Turkmen desert the temperatures at certain times of the year can be unbearable. Public transport outside the capital is practically non-existent and the territory is largely not hospitable. A very complicated journey.

Applying to the right local agency in Turkmenistan

For all these reasons, it is essential to have the support of a local agency, like the ones I work with. Turkmenistan is still a country for a few, where mass tourism does not exist and where you can breathe the flavor of adventure. I can put you in touch today with the best professionals able to make you live a unique and complete experience. With them you can organize everything you need for your trip, whether you want to do a stress-free tour or want to cross the country on your own. Don’t miss the chance to experience Turkmenistan!

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