Why a trip to Uzbekistan?

Samarkand, it is enough to name this city for the mind to be full of visions of caravans, camels, sand dunes and caravanserais: in short, the Silk Road. With its Registan Square, the mausoleums of Bibi Khanum and Gur Amir, its mosques and madrasahs, the city where Tamerlano rests is certainly among the main attractions of Uzbekistan. But she is not the only one, Bucara can safely rival her, since her splendid architecture is perhaps even better preserved. In Bucara you can not miss to visit the baazar and the Ark, the fortress of the city.

If the region of Samarkand and Bucara is the most frequented, you should also consider traveling to the northern Uzbkekistan where you will find the beautiful Kiva, Nukus with its famous museum and, beyond the red maze of Kizilkum the autonomous region of Karakalpakstan, where an ethnically diverse population lives. Here you will also find Moynaq, the starting point for discovering what remains of Lake Aral. Less known is the region south of Samarkand and Bucara, which leads to Afghanistan through the historic city of Termez.

Uzbekistan country card


Surface area: 447.400 km²

Population: over 35 million inhabitants

Capital city: Tashkent

Language: official Uzbek, karakalpako, Russian

Currency: Som (UZS)

The region in which the capital is located, a not-to-be-missed city like many Soviet cities, is often skipped by travelers heading to the famous southeastern destinations. Beyond Tashkent, the economic and commercial heart of the country, there is the famous Ferghana Valley, which is home to the most fertile soil in the country. Here the borders intersect to the point that you might find yourself exiting and returning from Uzbekistan, without having made any detours along your way. For this reason it is useful to have multi-entry visas with you in this region.

Complexity of the borders in this area, among the most populous in the whole of Central Asia, is occasionally cause for clashes between the ethnic groups living there: Uzbeks, Kyrgyz and to a lesser extent Tajiks. Foreigners are usually not involved, but if you are planning to visit this part of Uzbekistan better inquire first about the situation. Once you arrive in the Ferghana Valley, you’ll be amazed at how different the landscape is from other regions of the country, such as the desert ones on the border with Turkmenistan.

Applying to the right local agency in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a beautiful country, however logistics can be a problem due to the condition of the roads and the level of services. Relying on a local operator will avoid many difficulties, allowing you to turn your attention to the beauties of this country that was the center of the Central Asian Enlightenment. In its golden age Uzbekistan was in fact a land of scholars and thinkers who gave so much to Western civilization. Don’t waste your time and write me, I will put you in touch with the best Uzbek professionals for a dream trip along what was the Silk Road.

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