Why a trip to Vietnam?

Vietnam is where past and present meet. If we know this country especially for the war that has heavily affected it  (how can we forgets movies like Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket or Platoon) today Vietnam is one of the most dynamic economies in the whole of Asia. A young population, that has now left the past behind and that works a lot, so much so that “behind every business in Asia there is a Vietnamese”. Vietnam is a really beautiful country, with amazing natural wonders, however you’ll have to pay attention to some aspects like the weather.

Vietnam, due to its conformation is subject to different climatic zones. In the north, where is located the famous Sapa, you may also find snow that is nowadays appearing more frequently than in the past. The center and south of the country are hot all year round, but central Vietnam in the period between October and November can be hit by devastating typhoons and floods. Vietnam is a country to be plucked without too much haste, let yourself be lulled by its magic and immerse yourself in the diversity of this country. Vietnam will surprise you, you can be sure of that.

Vietnam country card


Surface area: 331 689 km²

Population: over 98 million inhabitants

Capital city: Hanoi

Language: Vietnamese

Currency: Dong (VND)

You will be amazed by the traffic of Ho Chi Minh City (you will still hear it called Saigon) the economic capital of the country never become political capital for the original sin of defeat. You will be speechless, this time for the beauty, even in front of the views of Ha Long Bay or Hue with its emperors’ tombs along the Perfume River. Hoi An a pleasant surprise, as well as the Cham ethnic group, while Hanoi will enter your heart little by little. Its austere appearance, like a true Vietcong capital, hides an infinite and vibrant humanity.

The difficulty of traveling in Vientam is to manage the travle, the length of the country leads to the use of the plane which increases the expenses. Most of the buses run on a few major tourist routes. About weather, it’s essential to know what reserves the period you have chosen for the trip. An aspect little considered, but important, is that of scams, the economic dynamism of Vietnam, in fact, is also revealed in the offer of services not always adequate, if not completely non-existent. It is therefore important to know the country well.

Applying to the right local agency in Vietnam

To avoid any difficulties during your trip to Vietnam, the best solution is to rely on the best local operators, just those with whom I can contact you. These are serious and reliable professionals, who know the country well and who will be able to help you in all aspects of the trip, even creating customized to meet all your needs. Using the services of local tour operators will allow you to enjoy all the beauty that Vietnam has to offer, avoiding getting lost in the complexity of this country, with no other thought than to enjoy the trip. Text me now!

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